Work on yourself, for yourself – with LivingSocial’s curated list of the best workout classes in Tampa.

Barre Fitness Tampa: As Tampa’s first boutique barre studio, Barre Fitness Tampa has been serving the community with fun, friendly, and high-energy classes that work the whole body. Their great mix of classes will work your body, from your booty to your arms, and flatten your abs. The effectiveness of the workout is bolstered by the camaraderie and personal attention you’ll feel in every class.

Ryde for Life: At the Fitness 350 gym they offer a Ryde for Life indoor spin class that’s one of the best workouts in the Tampa area. Incorporating stationary bikes and an upbeat atmosphere, you’ll work your core, upper body, legs, and work your cardio. With classes that last for as little as thirty minutes, it’s a truly full-body workout that will have you sweating.

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