LivingSocial's Best Price Promise

  • Our goal is to provide a marketplace where you can find thousands of unique and diverse offers every day and if we say it's a deal that we back it up with a guarantee that it is truly a deal.
  • If you buy a Qualifying Item at LivingSocial and then find the Identical Item for a lower price from a listed Major Online Retailer, submit a Claim, and we'll reimburse your method of payment for the price differential.
  • As a bonus, if you submit a qualifying claim for reimbursement, we'll credit your LivingSocial account with five (5) promotional deal bucks per order.
  • See below for details.

What items qualify for LivingSocial's Best Price Promise?

  • A "Qualifying Item": is a product that has a "Best Price Promise" badge on the product detail page.
  • A "Qualifying Item" is a product you have previously purchased from LivingSocial, and that is currently on sale through at the time you submit your claim for reimbursement.
  • "Identical" means the exact same brand name, service class (e.g., shipping time, immediate availability, and rate), size, weight, color, quantity per order, and model number.
  • Item's price must be pre-tax but includes any shipping costs.
  • "Major Online Retailer" is the online location (expressly excluding brick and Mortar locations) of one of the following major retailers:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How do I make a Claim under LivingSocial's Best Price Promise?

  • To make a Claim, you must submit a "Best Price Promise" case at , or call LivingSocial Customer Service at 202-400-2100 during our listed hours of operation, and be sure to include the name of the company with the better price, a direct working link to the item showing that that item is in stock, and that the item is Identical, and the price that will be matched. Online pricing for the item must be validated by LivingSocial.
  • Limit of one Claim per Qualifying Item. Multiple Claims for the same product will not be accepted.

Exclusions to LivingSocial's Best Price Promise

LivingSocial's Best Price Promise does not apply to the following:

  • Marketplace or unlisted prices: Products promoted on a Major Online Retailer but with an unlisted price or shipped from or sold by third party vendors.
  • Offers that include financing or gift cards, coupons, rebates, promotional Codes, quantity discounts, or offered as part of a bundled item.
  • Free items without requiring a qualifying purchase.
  • Pricing errors.
  • Prices available only via a paid membership or loyalty program.
  • Contract or subscription-based products (e.g., magazines, mobile phones).
  • Out of stock, open-box, clearance, closeout, refurbished, or used items.
  • Special hour sale event items and credit card or other incentive offers.
  • Items for sale starting Thanksgiving Day through 11:50pm on the Monday after Thanksgiving Day.

Submitting a Claim for Best Price Promise claim

Contact regarding a claim for LivingSocial's Best Price Promise must be submitted online at or by phone at 202-400-2100.


LivingSocial reserves the right to modify or discontinue LivingSocial's Best Price Promise or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability in its sole discretion. The terms that are published on this website at the time of your purchase will determine eligibility for LivingSocial's Best Price Promise. No change in the Best Price Promise will affect any reimbursement that LivingSocial already issued under previous LivingSocial's Best Price Promise Terms. LivingSocial's failure to enforce any provision of these LivingSocial's Best Price Promise Terms shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.