LivingSocial FastBook

BETA - LivingSocial FastBook Terms and Conditions

All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning as in the LivingSocial Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy, each of which are incorporated herein by reference. The following additional terms apply to use of FastBook by LivingSocial.

FastBook Services. FastBook is a reservation service for You to reserve appointments for services at service provider locations (each, an “Appointments”). Your Appointment is reserved with the applicable Service provider and all fulfillment and terms for any services provided to you by the service provider are solely the responsibility of the service provider.

Services Provided by Third Parties. Service providers providing services are third parties and are not employed or managed by LivingSocial. LivingSocial is not responsible for the quality of services provided by the service provider or other individuals at Your Appointment or for the fulfillment of any Appointment you make. Listing of a service provider on FastBook is not an endorsement by LivingSocial, and LivingSocial hereby disclaims any responsibility for the services they provide. Further, FastBook enables you to provide Your Appointment Information to service providers but does not control their use thereof. The use of Your Appointment Information provided to such service providers is governed by their privacy policies. LivingSocial is not responsible for the privacy practices of service providers or for their subsequent collection or use of your personal information. LivingSocial encourages you to read the privacy policies and statements of those Service provider. LivingSocial disclaims any liability for any use of Your Appointment Information in a manner in conflict with our Privacy Policy or the Service provider’s own privacy policy.

Reserving an Appointment. You may be required to provide Your credit card information (“Your Credit Card”) and other information, such as Your name, email address, phone number, and any other information You provide to LivingSocial to reserve the Appointment (“Your Appointment Information”) to LivingSocial at the time you book an Appointment. By Clicking “Reserve” to reserve an Appointment, You agree that Your Appointment Information may be passed to the service provider servicing Your Appointment. Service providers may use Your Appointment Information to contact you regarding Your Appointment or for other purposes.

By clicking "Reserve" to reserve an Appointment, You also agree to provide Your Credit Card to LivingSocial and the payment service provider retained by LivingSocial (the “Processor”). Your card will not be charged at the time You click Reserve, and You will be responsible for paying the amounts due for each appointment you make through LivingSocial (an "Appointment") to the Service provider providing the services, which includes the price of the Appointment agreed with and provided by a Service provider (“Payment”), any out-of-pocket expenses agreed with and submitted by Service provider in connection with the Appointment, any applicable taxes, and any gratuity, if applicable. If enabled by the service provider and our third party processing service, Your payment may be processed from the Credit Card that you provide to LivingSocial or on another form of payment at the Appointment. Your Credit Card may be charged a cancellation fee by the Processor if you cancel or do not show up to an Appointment without notifying Service provider in accordance with any cancellation policy displayed to you at the time you made your Appointment (“Cancellation Policy”).

Except as explicitly stated at the time we request Your information, LivingSocial will notify You when Your Appointment Information or Credit Card Information may be shared with third parties.

Cancellation Policy, Refunds. The Cancellation Policy for your Appointment will be displayed to You on the screen displayed to you below the “Reserve” button and in the confirmation email we send you about Your Appointment. If You do not comply with the Cancellation Policy, the service provider will have the option to charge Your Credit Card the applicable cancellation fee. If you have questions, you should contact LivingSocial at our helpline: 800-SOCIAL (971-800-SOCIAL).