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Wrap It Up! The Must-Try Exhibit at the Crayola Experience at Mall of America in Minneapolis

BY: Aimee Algas Alker | Jul 18, 2018


The Crayola Experience—at the Mall of America, just outside Minneapolis—is a sprawling, 60,000 square foot shrine to crayons, which has no shortage of ways to educate about the nation's favorite crayon. Inside the Crayola Experience, Mall of America guests can watch demos of how crayons are made, color with their choice of thousands of shades, or even mold melted crayons into new shapes.

One exhibit stands out to many children, especially my own kid. Last summer, her best friend presented her with a Crayola crayon—in her favorite color, with her name on it. Ever since, she's been talking about visiting the exhibit herself to craft her own personalized crayon.



Wrap It Up!

The exhibit is a personalization station, where visitors can choose a name, saying, or secret locker combination to be printed on the paper label of a crayon and affix it themselves.

How to Begin: The label printer is controlled by touchscreen. You choose a color, walk up to its touchscreen, drop your token in, and start tapping and swiping.

Add an Icon: Next to your name, pick an icon, which could be a music note, football, peace sign, rocketship, stars, guitar.

Christen Your Crayon: Most kids' first personalized crayon bears their own first name, so they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Strawberries Wild crayon belongs to no one else. But you can also get a little more adventurous here, and name your crayon after your favorite cartoon character or spirit animal.

Wrap It! Once your label prints, you'll take it and your crayon over to a new station for wrapping. You'll place your crayon and its wrapper, then pull back the slider, and with a satisfying clunk, the machine wraps the crayon.

Pro Tip: Make this your last stop before you head out—you won't feel the pressure to protect your new treasure as you explore the rest of the museum.

Reviews: Read what other customers thought by checking out a few of the Crayola Experience reviews posted to our site:

  • So surprising how much there is to do inside. Very fun for kids and adults. — Amanda P.
  • Awesome exhibit! There are enough activities to spend the entire day if you want. And so many great take home projects. My 6 year old LOVED IT. — Jenn S.
  • The exhibits were interesting and educational with lots of hands on activities. Staff throughout the exhibit were friendly and helpful. We loved the scavenger hunt with mystery pieces. Lots of family fun! — Bruce N.

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