Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Love

BY: Groupon Editors |Dec 15, 2016

Valentine’s Day has been billed as a celebration of romance since the 14th century. But after seven centuries in the spotlight, we think it’s time for February 14 to be a celebration of more than just romantic love. In fact, we surveyed Groupon’s editorial department for their opinions on V-Day, and discovered that a whopping 82% of our writers and editors—young people in their 20s and 30s with a healthy diversity of relationship statuses—believe the holiday is for anyone and everyone. In other words: we believe that Valentine’s exists to celebrate all types of love, and to give everyone an opportunity to experience the things they love together.

Our guide to Valentine’s Day gifts identifies nine different loving relationships that you might not have explored on Valentine’s past, as well as surefire ways to show those people you care. And as always, shop the Valentine’s Gift Shop for additional gift ideas.

What to Gift: Flowers

Why It Makes a Great Gift: For new relationships, there's a slight gap between expectation and reality: 63% have received a gift, but only 57% have returned the favor. This holiday is murky territory for a lot of blossoming relationships. With this in mind, gifting a professionally arranged bouquet strikes the right chord. It will be a delightful surprise that brightens your partner’s day, but nothing so extravagant as to require some major reciprocation. All you should expect is their appreciation.

What to Gift: Cooking Classes

Why It Makes a Great Gift: Long-term SOs should make like a pair of rom-com leads and enroll in a couples’ cooking class. The group will be small, the food should be excellent, and learning to create a difficult dish or a new cuisine together might prove to shake up any ingrained dining routines.

What to Gift: A Spa Day

Why It Makes a Great Gift: Valentine’s Day is a time to show others how much you love them, but it can also be the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Whether single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between, you could benefit from a little me time. Lots of spas offer extra-luxurious treatments this season, and there’s no rule that you can’t buy one for yourself. Relax with a massage, and go crazy with the add-ons, whether it’s hot stones, aromatherapy, or an exfoliating scrub.

What to Gift: Paint Night

Why It Makes a Great Gift: Have you discovered the joys of getting tipsy and giggly with your parents or in-laws yet? If not, a paint-and-drink outing is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another as adults and possibly hear some salacious gossip about family weddings in the 1980s. Everyone also gets hand-painted canvas art out of the deal!

What to Gift: Ice Skating

Why It Makes a Great Gift: Ice skating is a wonderful way to show your kids how much you love them, and you’ll make some sweet, photogenic Valentine’s Day memories to boot. Everyone’s an equal out on the ice—sure, adults may have prior experience, but the kids are way closer to the ground when they fall.

What to Gift: An Escape Game

Why It Makes a Great Gift: Whether your experience is terrifying or merely spooky depends on the escape room. But regardless, it’s a prime Valentine’s Day gift for a brother or sister, allowing ample opportunity to strengthen familial bonds. And as you work together toward a common goal, teaming up to solve the puzzle within the time limit, expect a healthy dose of competitiveness and a nostalgic reintroduction of sibling rivalries.

What to Gift: Brunch

Why It Makes a Great Gift: Maybe you two have been together since the halycon days of youth, when spontaneous hangouts were frequent and shared meals were assumed. If this sounds like you and your BFF, we recommend treating him or her to a Valentine’s Day brunch at your favorite spot. There’s simply no better place recreate the school cafeteria vibe (but with mimosas) and catch up on all the latest life news.

What to Gift: Beer or Wine Tasting

Why It Makes a Great Gift: If you and your work pals are happy-hour regulars, upgrade the experience by gifting them a wine or beer tasting. As one of our poll respondents said, “We usually end up trying beers we might not otherwise try. And the more we try, the more we talk.” So the benefits are twofold: you’ll get some bonding time outside the office, and you’ll find some new favorites to add to your drink rotation.

What to Gift: Grooming Services

Why It Makes a Great Gift: Your pet has loved you unconditionally through every bad breakup, and has never judged you for those Saturday-night Netflix binges on the couch—so show them some love this Valentine’s Day. Sign them up for a day of pampering with a pet grooming package. A lot of today’s grooming centers rival human spas, so your pet might get to indulge in experiences like nail painting, Moroccan oil treatments, and even facials.