There's More Than Pizza at the Pizza Farm

BY: Mae Rice |Jul 13, 2015
There's More Than Pizza at the Pizza Farm

At Two Pony Gardens near Minneapolis, pizza and summer are synonymous. The 40-acre property is known as a pizza farm—yes, a pizza farm—where the crops were planted to blossom one day into delectable pizza toppings. That means every year when the weather gets warm, the sprawling farm is ready to host a series of themed outdoor pizza nights where the guest of honor is what you’re eating. If you’re looking for warm-weather things to do in Minneapolis that are both fun and filling, you’re welcome. Here are six ways to make the most of a Two Pony Gardens pizza night.

1. Take a selfie with the outdoor pizza oven.

Or at least take a picture of it without you—it’s that cool. The wood-burning creation is beautiful and rustic, made of bricks and stones with a chimney on top. More than anything, it looks like an analog version of Wall-E. Snap away.

2. Try both pizza styles.

Every pizza night features two options: one is a classic margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella and the other is a seasonal creation topped with produce at its peak. That could mean anything from ramps to squash blossoms and other veggies you may not find at average pizza restaurants in Minneapolis.

3. Pet the dog (but don’t ask her to watch your dinner).

The farm’s owner, Lisa Ringer, has a chocolate lab named Ethel who attends every pizza night. Sometimes just to nap but more often to snatch unattended slices. Adorable! And sneaky. Constant vigilance, people!

4. BYO sides and desserts.

Your pizza is covered by a pizza-night ticket, but if you want your dinner to be a multi-course feast, bring your own appetizers, sides, and desserts and make a real picnic of it. Napkins, plastic cutlery, and other convenience items are on you to bring along.

5. Remember that pizza nights are about more than pizza.

Each one has a theme, which often includes an interactive activity. Past hits have included baby farm animals (with petting) and a honeybee demonstration (where guests learned about beekeeping, an event that surely inspired one or two to enter the booming artisanal pollen business).

6. Take home your trash.

The farm won’t handle your waste disposal, so bring a trash bag and take your garbage home with you. Consider it a party favor! (For super-good karma, don’t forget to separate out your recycling.)

Photo courtesy of Two Pony Gardens' Facebook page