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10 Unique Christmas Gifts You Can Buy For Literally Anyone

Finding unique Christmas gifts can be stressful. No matter the occasion—white elephant exchange, secret santa, Christmas day, etc.—the pressure to deliver the best Christmas gifts can get very real. Finding cool and unusual presents that are also meaningful is usually pretty difficult. So to help out the wayward gift-giver look beyond bland gift ideas, we dove into our trove of products and deals to find these: the most unique Christmas gifts on our site. They'll go a long way toward making you look like a hero, and you'll save some money, too. Win-win.



Wine Delivery

Bring a bottle of wine to someone’s home and it’s a thoughtful gesture. Have an entire box of wine delivered to their doorstep every month and you might just find yourself with a new BFF.


Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket is just what it sounds like: a plush, comforter with added weight that makes the recipient feel like they’re wrapped up in a warm hug. Fans say the sensation can help ease feelings of stress and anxiety—things we all need a little less of this year!


Cannabox Subscription

Speaking of stress relief… this subscription service ships a box of cannabis accessories (such as rolling papers, t-shirts, pipes, books, etc.) to enhance the smoking and/or vaping experience.


Selfie Ring Light

With so much of our social lives happening virtually these days, it’s never been more important to put our best face forward… literally. This mini ring light helps to ensure you look absolutely radiant on that Zoom meeting or FaceTime call, even if you’re still in pajama bottoms (we’ll never tell).


Sam’s Club Membership

2020’s hottest club is… Sam’s Club. Don’t believe us? Just watch your friends’ or family members’ faces when they found out you gave them a year-long membership to the warehouse store. And then watch the elation escalate even more when you announce that their membership comes with a FREE PIZZA.



If 2020 was the year most of us gave up wearing actual pants (you know, the kinds with zippers and buckles), then why not make 2021 the year we trade hard, uncomfortable shoes for the cloud-like comfort of a pair of fuzzy slippers. Help your gift recipient be at the front of the trend.


Lobster Delivery

Everyone is a little bored of eating at home this year, so why not help them liven up their weekly dinner routine by having fresh Maine lobsters delivered right to their door. (Sorry, we can’t help with the cooking).


Virtual Class

The hottest gift for 2020 is… anything fun that doesn’t involve crowds. Gift your friends and family a voucher good for a virtual class of their choice: painting, yoga, wine tasting, dance… the possibilities are virtually (har-har) limitless.


Sequin Photo Pillow

Picture it: your gift recipient opens a package to discover a pillow covered in beautiful sequins. They reach out and caress it, flipping the sequins up to reveal… a stunning photo of actor Nicholas Cage. (Or, you know… a sweet family photo, if that’s more your speed). The customization is up to you.


UV Phone Sanitizer

This handy gadget uses UV light to sanitize phones, jewelry, masks and other small items. It also includes a wireless charger and aroma diffuser, making it the most 2020 gift that has ever 2020’d.

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