9 Winter Nail Designs for All the Holiday Parties

BY: Colleen Loggins Loster |Nov 1, 2019

woman with winter nails designs holding mug

Do visions of Santas, reindeer, snowmen, and Christmas trees dance through your head when you think of winter nails? They're obvious design choices for our most festive time of year, but what happens when you want something a little less on the nose? Something to say "winter" and not just "Christmas"?

To give you some inspiration, we scoured the winter nails hashtag on Instagram and came up with some amazing seasonal looks. So this holiday season treat your best friend/sister/mom/grandma to a girls' day at the nail salon. Bonus points (not to mention an unforgettable memory) if you get grandma to rock some glittery stilettos! 

Abstract Christmas Trees

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A post shared by ❤ Hang Nguyen ❤ (@thehangedit) on

Image: @thehangedit

These triangles with flecks of green jewel tones celebrate the holiday season without being so obvious about it. And the super short length feels especially refreshing. It's not surprising that the nail artist behind thismani, Hang Nguyen, works with Nailing Hollywood, an agency that represents some of Hollywood's coolest manicurists.


Reverse Moons

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Image: @nailinghollywood; Design: 

 This manicure, also the creation of celebrity nail artist Hang Nguyen, would fit right in at a fancy holiday party or New Year's event.


Frenetic Foils

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A post shared by Victoria Rose (@manikuredby_victoriarose) on

Image: @manikuredby_victoriarose 

This frenetic splatter pattern is enhanced with gold foils and then grounded with solid black lines, creating an artsy mani that wouldn’t look out of place at a dressy event. 


Starbucks Holiday Cup

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A post shared by Lauren Wilkin💅 (@alldemnails) on

Image: @alldemnails

These winter nails give a whole new meaning to the phrase "latte art." The free-hand design pays homage to the Starbucks holiday cup and lets people know just how much you value your coffee.


Ice Queen

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A post shared by Catriona Leith (@thenailstudiocb) on

Image: @thenailstudiocb

Only the fiercest queens can pull off these blue-green winter nails with their exaggerated almond/stiletto shape and head-turning gold-glitter highlights.


Cozy Sweater: Take 1

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A post shared by Christina - Blondie's Nails (@blondiesnails) on

Image: @blondiesnails

Nothing looks cozier than these heather gray sweater nails with a soft-white tribal pattern. And unlike some of this other winter nail art, this design works just as well on a late February day as it does during the holidays.


Cozy Sweater: Take 2

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Image: @dliciousnails

Textured nails that resemble chunky-cable-knit sweaters are among the most popular winter nail designs on Instagram, probably because of how adorable they look peeking out of fingerless gloves or wrapped around a mug of something hot.

Glittering Snow

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A post shared by Sherrine (@sherrinessparklies) on

Image: @sherrinessparklies

These may be the most overtly Christmas-y nails on here, but they wouldn't be out of place in January or February, especially if you swap out the snowflakes in favor of a lace pattern.


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