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Portland's Nia Technique is a great place to stop in. A personal trainer could be perfect for your workout routine. They'll help plan your workouts, provide support, and keep you motivated. These classes allow you to build endurance and learn great moves.

Easy parking is accessible for Nia Technique's customers. Nia Technique is sure to be a fun experience for the whole family!

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Maureen6 years ago

A lovely space, great instructors!

Heidi6 years ago

Such a beautiful studio space & the Noon Yummy Yin Yoga with Shareshten is AMAZING! Such an awesome practice & to get it on my lunch hour is even better! Thank you!!

Jodi7 years ago

Love Nia

Diane7 years ago

I was so pleased to see the offer since I had enjoyed this so much in Scotland UK (I had heard the founder was in Portland 😊)

Paola7 years ago

I love it! It makes me feel so energetic, and relaxed at the same time You HAVE to try it and you'll fall in love :)

Lindsay8 years ago

Wonderful space, friendly staff, and amazing dance experience. Always uplifting!

Will8 years ago

This Nia Technique is amazingly relaxing and fun way to exercise, dance and live life fully.

Jamie11 years ago

The limited class times are challenging. I will most likely not become a member because the few times offered don't fit regularly in my schedule. I love your space and your people so I'm sure I'll drop in but I was only able to come a few times even though I had a month because of the sparse nature of the schedule.

Jennifer11 years ago

Thank you for all you give. I love Nia!

christie11 years ago

you totally rock!