Work on yourself, for yourself – with LivingSocial’s curated list of the best workout classes in Portland.

The Circuit Bouldering Gym: Since 2005 The Circuit Bouldering Gym has been serving Portland and the climbing community at large. Their network of three large bouldering gyms emphasizes physical challenge in an upbeat, inclusive, community-oriented culture. Confused on what bouldering is? In recent years it’s become increasingly popular, but bouldering is simply free climbing (i.e. no ropes) on shorter walls than in a traditional climbing wall. Because you don’t need ropes or a partner, it's an extremely accessible way to get into climbing. At The Circuit, you’ll find routes designed for all levels and padded floors help break any (short) falls. One of the benefits of The Circuit over other bouldering gyms is that they change the walls weekly, providing you with new challenges to solve.

West Coast Fitness: If you’re looking for a local gym, then West Coast Fitness might just be the best option in Portland. Featuring a 23,000 square food main gym with free weights, cardio equipment, and more West Coast Fitness is a great place to achieve your fitness goals. With Spin classes, Zumba, yoga, boxing and more, no matter your interests there’s going to be something you’re interested in here. In addition to the main gym, they have a Movement Studio for hot yoga, Pilates, Barre, and other class. They also have a Barbell Club with Crossfit-style equipment and classes for an all-inclusive fitness program.

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