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Cubic Zirconia Double Sided Earrings

Verified Purchaser
December 27, 2018
Great having many batteries at my disposal, but unlike in the past where my batteries arrived in neat boxes. This go around batteries arrived in zip lock bags, very suspect if these are good batteries or not.

14K Solid Gold Flower Screwback Stud Earrings by Dazzling Kiddos

Verified Purchaser
February 10, 2019
My daughter is 5 and recently lost one of her earrings. They were a gift from a lost friend. I saw these and they look identical so I ordered her a pair. Every pair of earrings I have ever put in her ears I could not leave in for any extended amount of time and they have all been 14k but the ones my friend gave her could stay in forever with zero problems. These have been in 2 weeks now <3

14K White Gold Kids Butterfly Leverback Crystal Earrings

Verified Purchaser
February 12, 2019
One earring is a little loose and it keeps falling out of my 5yr olds ear at random times. Other than that. They are exactly what we wanted! So pretty.

14K White Gold Kids Butterfly Leverback Crystal Earrings

Verified Purchaser
February 1, 2019
These are cute for a little girl. When my granddaughter saw them she was excited by the bling, now that the bling is gone, she's not impressed anymore. She complains that they hurt her loves and that they don't stay closed, one keeps falling out. Oh well, you get what you pay for!

14KT White Gold Kids Fancy Crystal Huggie

Verified Purchaser
April 21, 2017
My niece said there beautiful and wears them all the time since I gave them to her