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Pet Health Salmon Oil, Digestive, or Hip and Joint Supplements

Verified Purchaser
January 2, 2019
My daughters dog (Bolt) loves these treats and it does make a difference in the effect it has regarding his hip joints. Ever since we started giving him these supplements he has improved considerably. He is now able to walk on his back leg and he has gotten back most of his muscle tone in that leg.

Pet Health Salmon Oil, Digestive, or Hip and Joint Supplements

Verified Purchaser
November 26, 2018
Just like some people love mushrooms and other people hate mushrooms- dogs are the same with treats and food. My dog LOVES these and thinks they are treats. But once you get passed the taste test, do they actually help is the real question and what people should be reviewing. In my opinion, yes- very much so. I’ve had my 10 year old German Shep on these for several months. The vet and groomers say his coat and skin look great, even in the cold dry weather, which is a great plus I wasn’t expecting. He has less trouble getting up from sit or laying down. His right side back hip used to get tired and he would limp a little after waking up or after a long walk or fun play session. I’ve noticed he doesn’t do it as much anymore since I’ve been giving this to him. It is an over time build up, but this is common for giving glucosamine pills and it’s best to start earlier in mature dogs to help as they get older to ease discomfort etc. It’s preventive care, it will not fix or restore your dog back 100%, that’s medically impossible.

Pet Health Salmon Oil, Digestive, or Hip and Joint Supplements

Verified Purchaser
May 7, 2018
My dog loves the taste and after just 3 day he's walking much better already

Hip and Joint Supplement Tablets for Dogs and Pets (60- or 120-Count)

Verified Purchaser
December 5, 2018
My 2nd purchase. My snorkie doesn't have hip or knee problems now. I recommend highly!