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Up to 75% Off Custom Kids Pillowcases

Verified Purchaser
May 19, 2017
I have ordered 4 pillowcases, and I am happy with them each time! Plan for about 2 weeks for it to be delivered. A part of me wishes that they would update some of their images, but there are still some cute, classic images that do just fine for what I need. These are great gifts for kids that the parents like because it's not another toy, it's personalized, something that will last a while, and it's great when they take a pillow to sleepovers, to the lake house, etc. Easy to keep track of because it has their name on it!

Boys' Personalized Character Pillowcase (Up to 76% Off)

Verified Purchaser
May 4, 2017
Super cute and well made, nice bright colors on bright white pillow cases. Be aware you have to pay for shipping at check out, as it says in Groupon fine print. Paid $10.95 for shipping at check out for 2 pillowcases, FYI.

Up to 84% Off Personalized Girl's Pillowcases

Verified Purchaser
December 7, 2017
My daughter's pillowcase came in today. She is going to LOVE it. The complexion is close to hers which is something she's been wrestling with lately. The dolls' complexion is either white or too dark. She's kinda in the middle. However, to see a reflection of herself will definitely make her smile. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

Up to 84% Off Personalized Girl's Pillowcases

Verified Purchaser
May 2, 2017
I just ordered and there were lots of options! You can choose the skin color, hair color, and dress color- any combination! Very easy to enter groupon code at checkout. I'm sure my niece will love it!!

Up to 84% Off Personalized Princess Pillowcases from Qualtry

Verified Purchaser
March 7, 2018
my nice & friend's daughter were thrilled with their pillowcases.