Explore LivingSocial’s collection of the best restaurants in Atlantic City, New Jersey and discover more ways to pair your night with great places to eat and great things to do after.

Carmine’s: Looking for a tasty Italian restaurant to spend date night at? With a coupon to Atlantic City’s Carmine's Restaurant, enjoy a freshly cooked meal in a communal atmosphere. The staff decorates risottos and fresh pastas with proteins such as gulf shrimp, pork loin, and veal, then tops the dishes off with limoncello, smoked mozzarella, and marsala wine for an extra bit of oomph. Diners savor each bite within the dining room's bright-red walls and colorful, tiled backsplashes or beneath a green umbrella on the outdoor patio.

The Chelsea: If you can find restaurant coupons in Atlantic City for The Chelsea, you’ll want to visit the luxury hotel for a night or two. The famous boardwalk resort is home to three dining choices, one of which is a signature restaurant named after the hotels original proprietors–Teplitzky’s. The eatery serves up diner-inspired food in a fun, classic setting that also houses a hideaway cocktail lounge and coffee shop. Meanwhile, the Chelsea’s dining experience on the fifth floor is set in a casual lounge that features small plates and beverage options with a panoramic view of the beach and ocean. If you’re hosting a large event, Windows on the Fifth features 4,000 square feet of space, including a dining room, bar, outdoor space, nightclub, and game room, that is ideal for the occasion.

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