There’s nothing that quite compares to “pizza night” – and in Chicago this tradition run deep… deep-dish that is. Explore LivingSocial to find the best pizza near you, whether enjoying Chicago’s favorite deep-dish or trying a new delicious style to tantalize your palette – we have the best pizza recommendations for you.

It’s cold in Chicago, so its pizza has to warm you from the inside out. Check out Pizzeria Due in downtown Chicago. They are known for two options: deep dish and stuffed pizza. At first glance, it's hard to tell a stuffed pie apart from deep dish, at least until you cut into it; inside, a top layer of crust hides beneath the top blanket of sauce, which also means stuffed pizza tends to be slightly taller than deep dish.

A North-side of Chicago favorite, Gulliver’s Pizzeria serves up their famous pan pizzas filled with hearty ingredients and cheesy goodness, which pairs well with the fan-fav 'garbage salad.’ Customers can enjoy sitting outside at this restaurant on a beautiful summer night.

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