Make LivingSocial your go-to source for great restaurants in Las Vegas. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on our handpicked list of Dallas restaurants:

Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant: This Morrocan restaurant is a one-of-a-kind setting where you can enjoy a unique Moroccan experience. Since it was founded in 1979 it’s becomes something of a landmark in Las Vegas. At Marrakech, you’ll find a tasty fusion of Mediterranean, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern cuisines. At the heart of the menu is a six-course feast anchored by the traditional couscous and chicken. The belly dancers are just the icing on the cake.

Roma Deli & Restaurant: This authentic Italian restaurant might not blow you away in terms of ambience (you’ll be eating in a deli), but the food is incredibly delicious. This place might not be on the strip, but the short trip is worth it. Between the lasagna and the extensive dessert menu, you won’t leave unsatisfied. Plus, you can pick up some Italian staples from their market; don’t forget to check out the baked goods in the back.

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