Make LivingSocial your go-to source for restaurants in New York City. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on our handpicked list of New York City restaurants:

Balthazar Restaurant: Looking for a romantic French bistro for a New York City date night? Then Balthazar Restaurant is the place to go. Going strong since its founding in 1993, this Michelin guide recommended bistro serves classic and traditional French foods from breakfast through dinner. With a wide selection of fresh seafood and shellfish, fresh bread and pastries, great vegetarian options, and timeless cocktails you’re sure to have a night to remember at Balthazar Restaurant.

Good Restaurant: Good food and good times make great memories, which is exactly what Good Restaurant in New York is all about. Featuring innovative and classic dishes, there is something here to delight everyone. Open for dinner at 6 pm every day with a weekend brunch and weekday lunch, Good Restaurant is open when the craving for great food begins.

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