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12 Cool Things to Buy Your Boyfriend When You're Out of Good Gift Ideas

The best gifts for boyfriends generally fall into a few different categories: items related to hobbies they already enjoy, surprising things they'd never think to buy themselves, and activities you can do with them. Our list below covers all three, so there's a good chance one of these 12 boyfriend gift ideas will work for you. Get the details on each and choose the best fit, and he's sure to have a happy birthday.


Brewery Tour

If your guy is a beer fan, it's hard to beat a brewery tour for sheer value. Not only do you learn about the brewing process, typically you also enjoy a few samples, and, depending on the deal, you might get to take home some souvenirs or even a growler of your choice.


Superhero Flask

Flasks are one of those things we never think we’ll actually use… until we find ourselves standing in line outside the bar, in the cold, and feeling immensely grateful that someone thought to bring one. If your guy-friend is exactly that type of unsung hero, help him dress the part with one of these fun flasks, which will make swigging secret hooch feel like a valiant act.



This cast-iron juicer is as hefty as they come: one good tug on the rubberized handle easily squeezes all the juice out of whatever unfortunate orange, lemon, or lime got in the device's way. It's a fun way to create your own juice blends, and it doesn't look half bad on a kitchen counter, either.


Ray Bans

If there were a sitcom about sunglasses, it would be called Everybody Loves Ray-Bans. This deal comprises three of the company's most iconic styles: Aviators, Wayfarers, and Clubmasters. Pick out a nice pair, as long as you're sure your guy can hang onto them.


Burberry Fragrance for Men

So many modern men don’t have a signature fragrance, and we think that’s a shame. If your boyfriend is guilty, introduce him to this fresh and woodsy scent, which features a unique combination of rose, cedarwood, bergamot, grey musk, and other spices. Even if he isn’t hooked, you will be.


Leather Passport Wallet

This genuine leather passport holder isn’t just fashionable. It also uses anti RFID technology to prevent identity thieves from reading your personal information, making it an excellent place to also store credit cards and other things that might hold sensitive data. Of course, if you're really looking for an impressive gift for your boyfriend, you could book a trip too...


Dumbbell Kit With Rack

Building a home gym can be tricky, especially when you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to equipment. This compact weight rack makes it easy thanks to it’s double-tiered, space-saving design, which turns any free corner into an optimal area for pumping a little iron.


VR Headset

Make the leap to the future of entertainment with a headset that uses Oculus tech to create an immersive VR experience. The headset easily pairs with a number of Samsung phones and tablets via a Micro USB connection.


Stainless Steel Watch

We’ve been so busy using our phones to check the time that we forgot that watches are actually pretty cool. This skeleton-dial watch reminds us just how cool by providing a glimpse of the internal mechanisms at work through a face made of sapphire-coated crystal glass. The perfect combination of form and function.


Google Chromecast

Chromecast is probably the cheapest and simplest way to make a dumb TV smart. Just plug it into your TV's USB port and connect to it with your smartphone to start streaming movies, music, and YouTube videos right there on your set.


Paintball Outing

If you're the kind of couple that isn't afraid to get your hands (and clothes) dirty, a paintball outing is probably one of the funnest and most surprising things to buy your boyfriend. Most deals include everything you need to play, such as a marker, mask, CO2 tank, and paintballs.


Star Wars Ice Molds

The perfect gift for a boyfriend who wants to know what it would be like to enjoy a cocktail in a galaxy far, far away. Blue milk not included.

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