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American Kennel Club Back Seat Cover

Verified Purchaser
May 19, 2019
Works well and has a zipper between the 2 front seats so you can reach back and love on your babies in the back :-). Definitely take it out and air it out outside forbath couple of days- it smells super strongly of mothballs. Seems to be pretty well made

AKC 5-Pocket Water-Resistant Car-Seat Pet Cover

Verified Purchaser
April 7, 2019
Very nice! Have used it several on my car and cleans off easily. I like the pocket. The only design drawback is the on the other side of the cover it does not have anything to fix it. Therefore, when my dog starts moving or decided to scratch as he does before laying down it moves and sometimes it does not cover well. My jeep has another part that I could make it fixed and that would be my only.

AKC Car Booster Seat

Verified Purchaser
October 15, 2018
A 20 pound dog cannot really fit in the seat. i would say it is more suitable for 15 pounds or less. The seat could use a little more padding around the frame as you can feel the wiring.

AKC Adjustable Pet Car Seat-Belt Clip

Verified Purchaser
June 1, 2018
It appears to be strong enough and is an OK length if you pet sits on the back seat, but might not provide enough leeway if the seats are down--also harder to hook to something secure in that case.

AKC Adjustable Pet Car Seat-Belt Clip

Verified Purchaser
May 30, 2018
Perfect for the dog who thinks he needs to go on every car ride with you. I can keep the window down and not worry about him jumping out but just enjoying the ride.