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Detoxifying Kiyoshi Bamboo Foot Pads (10- or 20-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
May 22, 2019
I am very satisfying the Delive in be on time and the product is perfect I am definitely recommend to another costumer

100psc Detoxify Toxins Foot Detox Pad w/Adhesive Stress Relief

Verified Purchaser
June 5, 2019
even though I had to cover it with a pair of sock to make sure that it stays on, it felt great. The pad turned black, not sure what that means. But I love the price.

Bamboo and Herbal Detox Foot Patches (20-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
March 7, 2019
I love the bamboo foot patches, my 23 year old was experiencing a little knot on the bottom of her foot from standing on her feet all day at work. She used the patches for about a week and has not complained about aching foot pain since then.

Kinoki Foot Detox Patches (20-, 40- or 100-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
December 20, 2018
This is really is an amazing product for a 6 mile a day Walker. Wear them to sleep and my feet feel amazing the next day. ♥️

Detox Foot Patches (10- or 20-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
May 15, 2019
I wasn't sure what to expect from using these, and after reading the reviews I decided to give them a try. I have trouble sleeping, staying asleep, and dreaming. After one night of use, I slept all night, woke up refreshed, and ready for the day. If I feel this good after one night of use, I look forward to how I will feel after two weeks of use. Thank you!