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Bluestone Foam Knee Pillow Spacer Cushion

Verified Purchaser
January 18, 2019
It is smaller than what it appears in the pic. Which is a good thing, so it fits perfectly between your legs laying on your back and rolling to your side it easily goes with you. Good pillow. Nice pillow pillow..ok now I'm being bit good though

Bluestone Dual-Position Wedge Cushion with Terry Cloth Zippered Cover

Verified Purchaser
July 29, 2018
I haven't slept with a pillow for several years now because the incline somehow affects my hip and gives me considerable pain. After delivery of this dual position wedge, I am able to enjoy a comfortable, but firm, incline that doesn't affect my mobility. I am a petite lady who is medium sized and the curvature is great for me, but my hubby is a larger man found it too small for his frame.and not broad enough for his shoulders.

Remedy Easy Side Sleeper Pillow

Verified Purchaser
March 21, 2019
My daughter went into a seizure few weeks ago and since then I've been rolling blankets to help with her breathing at night time while she's asleep but o have to say since this pillow arrived I have heard her at nights anymore both her and i are now sleeping well at nights..

Bluestone Dual-Position Wedge Cushion with Terry Cloth Zippered Cover

Verified Purchaser
July 15, 2017
I love my wedge. It is perfect for me and just what I was looking for at an affordable price. Great for people that have neck and back problems. I use mine in my bed for support when I'm reading or watching tv. It's much more comfortable than the three pillows that I was using to prop myself up with. Worth the purchase!

Bluestone Wedge Pillow for Leg, Knee, Back, Hip, and Joint Pain

Verified Purchaser
March 30, 2019
Just what i needed being on my feet all day this helps with tired legs and feet