Choose your method for sightseeing in Atlanta with a curated list of the best tours. From helicopters to river cruises, let us guide you through your next trip. Here are a few of our favorites:

Piedmont Park: This 200+ acre green space in the heart of Atlanta is home to dozens of attractions. From bike paths to playgrounds to honey bee exhibits and butterfly havens, there’s something for everyone at Piedmont Park. The park offers a couple of different kinds of tours that are the perfect introduction to Atlanta in general and Piedmont Park in particular. Their History Walking tours give you a peek into the evolution of the park and how it is intertwined with the development of Atlanta. The tree tours will help you explore the planted groves and natural woodland of the park. And the monthly bird walks will delight bird lovers of all ages.

Historic Oakland Cemetery: If you want to be surrounded by history, there’s no better place in Atlanta than Oakland Cemetery. Founded in 1850, early builders, Civil War soldiers, titans of industry, and Civil Rights pioneers have all been laid to rest at this 48-acre green space. The cemetery offers a couple different kinds of tours: overview tours that cover Atlanta’s history and the stories of the people buried here and special topic tours that dig deep into special interests like African American grounds, Victorian symbolism, and more. Or, if you want to tour the cemetery at your own pace, there are several options for self-guided tours.

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