Make LivingSocial your go-to source for great restaurants in Dallas. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on our handpicked list of Dallas restaurants:

Tupinamba Restaurant: The first Tupinamba was opened in 1947 and may have introduced the nacho and sour cream enchilada to Dallas. Today, Tupinamba Café serves the same time-honored recipes. Featuring classic Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes, this really is a local classic. Our tip: try the Tupy tacos. Deep-fried, with spicy ground beef they go perfectly with a cold beer or tall margarita.

Fearing’s Restaurant: Texan-style glamour comes naturally at Fearing’s, one of Dallas’ most celebrated restaurants. But glamour should be expected since the restaurant is located in the swanky Ritz Carlton. With bold flavors and ingredients drawn from worldwide cuisines, you can expect innovative dishes like cactus pear glazed antelope, Texas wagyu beef, and barbecued shrimp tacos. Despite the upscale food and elegant décor, the dress code is relaxed and informal.

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