Choose your method for sightseeing in Minneapolis with a curated list of the best tours. From helicopters to river cruises let us guide you through your next trip. Here are a few of our favorites:

Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours: Minneapolis has one of the best beer scenes in the country, with tons of craft breweries and taprooms. Bitter Minnesota Brewery Tours will take you to the best of them. Offering daily public tours and private tours, tasting guides, and a totally hassle-free experience, their all-inclusive tours are the perfect way to taste the best of Minneapolis. You’ll have a memorable tasting experience as you go from brewery-to-brewery and beer-to-beer.

Twin City Food Tours: Most tours are geared towards sightseeing, seeing the big attractions so you can snap a picture or two. Twin City Food Tours is a little different. Instead, you’ll be diving into the history, architecture, and variety of restaurants in unique neighborhoods.

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