Improve your strength, flexibility, and peace of mind with yoga classes in Sacramento. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Yoga Loka: This small studio offers Bikram-style hot yoga to the masses. Bikram-style yoga consists of a series of twenty-six postures, including breathing exercises, and is suitable for people of all levels. Because the classes always consist of the same poses you’ll find it easy to see the progress you make. And Yoga Loka is a welcoming, charming, funky studio to try out Bikram-style hot yoga. The classes are all heated to 105 degrees, so be sure to bring water and clothes that you don’t mind sweating in!

Yoga Shala: A hidden gem of a yoga studio ,Yoga Shala’s accepting and community-focused vibe make it an extremely welcoming place to practice yoga. Most classes are Vinyasa flow classes in a heated room, so you can expect to sweat a little and leave feeling energized and connected to your breath. Open to anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners, you are in control of how challenging the class is. Other classes offered include Mindfulness yoga, Hatha flow, Yoga sleep, and others; those classes are offered on a more limited basis however.

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