Work on yourself, for yourself – with LivingSocial’s curated list of the best workout classes in St. Louis.

Upper Limits: This downtown St. Louis climbing gym offers a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to just learn the basics or are a serious adventurer. With intro programs and advanced classes you’ll be able to practice your skills and learn as you get fit. And with fun, informal adult climbing leagues you’ll have a great community to keep you psyched on climbing and pushing yourself. Upper Limits also offers outdoor climbing classes and have a couple different locations in the area.

The Boxing Gym : Is your gym just happy to collect your membership dues, regardless of whether you show up? Then The Boxing Gym might be the gym you need. They are truly committed to helping their members get in shape, with programs designed to be fun and increase your participation. Their signature Group Classes are boxing and kick-boxing oriented, so they combine striking, calisthenics, jump rope, etc. with hands-on instruction from experienced class instructors.

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