Everyone loves pizza and in San Jose there are a huge variety of pizzerias. So whether you’re looking for a quick slice, a family-friendly pizzeria, or a fancy Neapolitan place LivingSocial has the best pizza recommendations near you:

A Slice of New York< a>: Started by a former Silicon Valley techie, (and currently owned by the employees) this place is as close to New York as you’ll find in the bay. The thin crust pizza is perfectly floppy, crisp, and chewy in just the right places. The tomato sauce is tart and applied with some restraint, while the rich mozzarella ties everything together. They also offer thick-crust Sicilian pizza that has real heft. Everything here is made in-house (except for the desserts), and the offer sandwiches, calzones, and a house salad if you’re not feeling like pizza.

Pizza California: Since 1997 Pizza California has been bringing the best of California’s diverse, delicious food and serving it on top of a pizza. Their crust is a thick, chewy sourdough, their marinara sauce is made with local tomatoes, and the toppings combinations are always inventive. Their signature pizzas include a bbq chicken, steak and mushrooms, and a vegan pizza. And of course, they also have all of your classic pizza toppings. You can also find some appetizers, salads, desserts, and craft beer on the menu.

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