Make LivingSocial your go-to source for great restaurants in San Jose. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on our handpicked list of San Jose restaurants:

Walia Ethiopian: Ethiopian food is one of the world’s great cuisines; it features a diverse range of flavors, healthy ingredients, and above all else is delicious. Walia is one of the best outposts of Ethiopian food in San Jose. The menu is traditional, with a variety of wots served with injera accompanying. Because of a long tradition of vegetarianism and veganism in Ethiopia, the veggie dishes are deeply flavored and very satisfying. The veggie combo lets you sample a variety and is perfect for sharing.

The Famers Union: This American tavern serves upscale bar food and craft beer. Their delicious twists on standard bar food is bolstered by an admirable focus on sustainable products. But ultimately it comes down to flavors, and dishes like grilled asparagus with Romesco or the BBQ beef brisket deliver.

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