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Arm & Hammer Rimmed Wave Litter Pan

Verified Purchaser
January 15, 2019
This two-piece cat litter box holds litter pan liners in place. The higher sides prevent litter leaving the box. It works great, and I’m happy with the litter box!

Arm & Hammer Sifting Litter Pan

Verified Purchaser
March 14, 2019
Great, easy litter clean up. Will recommend for people with cats.

Arm & Hammer Rimmed Wave Litter Pan

Verified Purchaser
February 2, 2019
Wonderful. I like the tall sides, they help keep the litter in the pan.

Arm & Hammer Half-Circle Litter Mat

Verified Purchaser
October 30, 2015
I would find myself sweeping up litter everyday before I started to use this product It collects all the litter!

Arm & Hammer Top-Entry Litter Pan for Cats

Verified Purchaser
December 19, 2018
Its good so far.....not sure when my cats become heavy......hope they dont flip it to the side