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Cuisinart French Rooster Elite Flatware Set (20-Piece or 40-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
June 8, 2019
I just got mine and I’m so excited. The design quality looks perfect, they are so shiny. I can’t wait to use them. They offer a lifetime warranty, you just have to call the telephone number enclosed in the box. I plan to proceed with the warranty instructions as I have very hard water and ha e had problems with my other flatware keeping its luster

Cuisinart Flatware Set (20-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
January 20, 2019
I bought 3 sets of the Clementine. Really nice, a little lighter than I thought they would be. The longer length is nice and they are very elegant. Love the design.

Cuisinart French Rooster Elite Flatware Set (20-Piece or 40-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
June 19, 2019
Decent set. The Rooster emblem is unique and matches the farm style I was looking for.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Flatware Set (20- 45-, or 60-Piece)

Verified Purchaser
July 14, 2019
Not as hefty as I would have liked, but still a nice everyday set.