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Absorbee Absorbent Doormat

Verified Purchaser
October 6, 2018
Works well, though I wish it were larger. Wish, also,that my dog weren't so fond of it. Day One of it's use and a corner has already been chewed up.(RATS!!$$$!) Launders well, too. If I could just get past the problem with the gosh darn dog....!

Absorbee Absorbent Doormat

Verified Purchaser
August 17, 2018
It must taste good 'cause the dog chewed it up the same day I put it down. Wish I had taken a photo of what I came home to.

Absorbee Absorbent Doormat

Verified Purchaser
August 18, 2018
No footprints or pawprints on my new rug! Truly a product, as advertised!