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Technical Pro Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Verified Purchaser
May 11, 2019
I gave it a 4 rate. It is as its advertised. Only thing I di dnt like is the synthetic odor it gave nose started to tingle and then I started to sneeze. Other than that it is a very good loud speaker!

One Audio Bluetooth Karaoke Party DJ Speaker w/ Wireless Mic & Tripod

Verified Purchaser
June 9, 2019
This speaker is great!! Awesome sound, my only recommendation is for a better experience use a AUX cord instead of bluetooth

Fisher FBX650 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker System

Verified Purchaser
June 11, 2019
great speaker, solid sound. im no audiophile but its crisp. its about knee high or 13", and its just one speaker. the image with two is just showing two sides. i have a $6 mic (qfxm106) with TRS jack and it click right into place. easy to charge with USB from my windows pc tower, three modes: mic, bluetooth, and radio. the mic mode just lets you talk with it, the bluetooth mode lets you play mp3 from your smartphone once its connected while also being able to sing or talk with the trs mic connected/jacked. the speaker itself has a glowing light that cycles thru the rainbow slowly, and the big knob in the center controls on/off and cranks up the decibles volume. great use for open mic, backyard bbq, celebrations, office podium talks, or even a restaurant hostess speaker. cons: will not be able to drown out a large crowd. simple fix is to chain this amp to another set of speakers that can crank the volume more. [[[ this is a very great 3-mode speaker for very cheap/affordable, with crisp sound, and can live off battery charge without being plugged in.

KOCASO KBL Bossa Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Verified Purchaser
June 24, 2019
Bought for my husband for Father's Day...Wanted something he could outside on patio and while driving around on the golf cart....Was very easy to sync to his iphone and has great sound quality....I am very sensitive to music quality with a lot of treble, so was happy to hear the great bass sound quality this speakers has. Considering buying a second one for me!

Pyle PPHP155ST Wireless Music Streaming Speaker System

Verified Purchaser
November 4, 2016
For a lower line speaker, it's not bad on sound and has a few bells and whistles to make you forget it's a lower priced piece.