14 Great Valentine’s Day Gifts

Few gift-giving holidays strike fear in the hearts of humans quite like Valentine’s Day. After all, shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts can be kind of a no-win situation. Buy a gift that’s too extravagant before your relationship has reached that level and you risk freaking the other person out. But on the flip side, not acknowledging the holiday at all could lend you in hot water with your beloved.

To help make things easier, we put together this list of our 14 favorite Valentine’s day gifts. And while we made sure the classic gifts were well-represented (flowers, chocolates, etc.), we also tried to ensure there were a few wild cards on there so you navigate all your V-Day gift-giving needs, whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts for him or a thoughtful Galentine’s Day gift for your bestie.


Personalized m&mS

Is your Valentine bummed about this year's lack of candy conversation hearts? They'll forget all about them when you gift them M&Ms candies, which can be personalized, not just with the message of your choice, but with photos and clip-art too. How sweet!


Couples Massage

A couples massage is the perfect gift for busy partners who need to pencil in some together time… but also desperately need a little peace and quiet. There will be plenty of time for quality chit-chat, though, as many massages include some post-kneading extras like champagne or chocolate-dipped strawberries.


Funny Printed Socks

Romantic? Maybe not, but socks are really one of those Valentine’s Day gifts that work for everyone, from your significant other (who’s feet are always cold), to your mom, your best friend, or your entire Galentine’s Day squad.


Potted Plant

Yes, roses are stunning in the moment, but they also only last a few days (if you’re lucky). Keep the romance alive by gifting your green-thumbed Valentine with a nice cactus or other indoor potted plant. (Editor’s Tip: the ProPlants website also has some excellent V-Day options in adorable heart-print planters).

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Satin Sheets

Sure, satin sheets are a little bit corny, but then again, aren’t all the best Valentine’s Day gifts? Sometimes, you just need a little something to make a night at home feel a little extra special. And, as a bonus, your hair will never be shinier than after you’ve slept on a satin pillowcase.


Cork Pops Wine Opener

While we’re big fans of a screw top bottle of wine most of the time, it just somehow feels a little too cheap for a romantic dinner. Of course, nothing spoils a special meal faster than a stuck cork, so be prepared with this easy-to-use opener, which uses compressed air to pop that cork at the touch of a button.


Initial Bangle

Jewelry is never a bad idea for Valentine’s Day, and that’s true whether you’ve been dating for six days or six years. But if emeralds and rubies aren’t in the budget, opt for a classy bangle instead, which gets a touch of bling from a Swarovski crystal heart and features a custom monogram charm for extra “awww” factor.


Dance Class

Sometimes, the best Valentine’s Day gifts are activities to do together and few activities are more romantic than a dance class. Not only will you sharpen your dance skills, but you’ll have a great time bonding and will pick up some teamwork skills that can spill over into all aspects of your relationship.



Chocolates are one of those last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts that still manage to impress, but your date will be even more impressed knowing that you actually ordered these ahead of time. This Harry & David truffle collection is only available online, so your Valentine will know you didn’t just swing past the store in a panic on your way home, and that is the sweetest gift of all.


Personalized Ice Cream Delivery

Maybe the two of you have never been a flowers-and-candy kind of couple, Or maybe you’re trying to cheer up a friend who just went through a breakup. Either way, nothing will get their heart fluttering quite like coming home to find pints of ice cream delivered to their door, each with a personalized label letting them know how much you care.


Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Adult Game

If you’re looking for a way to add a little spiciness to your bedtime routine, consider this game, which challenges couples to roll a die and choose a card with a spicy suggestion written on it. If you’re partner is shy, don’t worry: the card suggestions range from tame to kinky, so need to try anything that’s totally out of your comfort zone.


“Love” Necklace

Another Swarovski-crystal enhanced piece, this necklace delivers some eye-catching sparkle, but also boasts a simple, modern y-shape style that makes it appropriate for everyday wear.


Lobster Dinner

Hey, as long as you’re having dessert delivered, why not just plan a romantic dinner in and save yourselves the trouble of securing a V-Day dinner reservation? Maine Lobster Now will ship live lobsters and everything else you need (such as soup, crackers, and metal shell crackers) straight to your door, so you can focus on setting the mood… and figuring out how to cook a live lobster, of course.


Elephant Love Keychain

When it comes to delivering the most “awww” for your dollar, you can’t go wrong with this adorable keychain set. Of course, it would be even more meaningful if there was a key to your place attached to it, but we’re not trying to pressure you into anything here.

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