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SOG Tactical Nylon Webing Belt

Verified Purchaser
June 11, 2018
Wide and stiff - fills up my belt loops on jeans/cargo/tactics pants. Belt is extra long but doubles-back to lock extra onto the side with Velcro: will grow/shrink with my belly while supporting my dunlap’s disease (my belly dun lapped over my belt!). Well-made, easy on/off, feels like it provides rigid support yet is comfortable.

VX-500 Plate-Carrier Tactical Vest

Verified Purchaser
January 29, 2019
Definitely not for a small framed individual! I'm a big guy so it fits me well. In my opinion it would fit anyone who wars a size L - 4XL. Comfortable and adjustable to accommodate different body types.

Betts Old Salt Cast Net 8ft Mono 3/8" Mesh Box

Harold E
Verified Purchaser
May 20, 2018
Exactly what I ordered. Delivery was quick and the price was right. This is my second order for the same net. I was very happy with the first one. Thanks!

VX-500 Plate-Carrier Tactical Vest

Verified Purchaser
January 1, 2019
I’m happy with it so far, hasn’t been tested but seem like good quality

Rapala Fisherman's Fillet Combo w/6"Fillet-Glove-Fillet Fork

Verified Purchaser
July 17, 2018
It is just the right size. It's too big or flashy. I bought 2, one silver & one 2 toned.