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Hydroxycut Platinum Plus (60-Count) and Hydroxycut Gummies (90-Count)

Verified Purchaser
January 23, 2020
My package can early.. Was very happy I Currently taking the Hydroxycut platinum. It’s been two weeks I’ve been dieting and exercising and it really works... It does nothing for my cravings on my cycle but it make me feel more energized... So I do feel a lots better... Taking this supplement.. Would really recommend it... If your going to work out if not would not get your heart rate up.

Hydroxycut Gummies (90-Count) (2- or 4-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
November 25, 2019
I think this is a pretty good deal. I like the taste, definitely more enjoyable then the pills. I haven’t taken enough to say they do the same job as the pills but we will see.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Weight Loss Pill and Powder Bundle

Verified Purchaser
January 21, 2020
I’ve used these products for years, (with a few breaks months in between) and I swear by it, with results every time. First starting off your stomach may feel a little uncomfortable (depending on when you eat, and how your diet is) but the third day should feel normal. Take your last dosage at least five hours before you go to bed, or you’ll have a long night a head of you lol.

Hydroxycut Platinum and Black Weight Loss Supplements for Men (2-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
September 30, 2019
Love this combination. M diabetic it helps me not crave for much of the sweet stuff n suppress appetite control. I got high blood pressure but taking this helps with my metabolic rate, bringing my blood pressure to normal range. This works well for me. But if you have medical condition, please consult your doctor before trying this out as it is solely based on my individual medical state. Thx

Select Organics Vitamin B12 & Garcinia Cambogia Patches (1- or 2-Pack)

Verified Purchaser
December 19, 2019
At first all the comments I read from other sellers about this product is that it is not adhesive and it didn’t work, So this is what I expecting when I purchased it, but honestly it is really good, I don’t recall any difference in my weight and I am already using it for about 10 days now but it sure makes me go to the bathroom a lot