Work on yourself, for yourself – with LivingSocial’s curated list of the best workout classes in San Jose.

CrossFit Almaden: CrossFit is a fantastic way to improve your strength and conditioning, with workouts that combine weightlifting, cardio, calisthenics, and other exercises. And if you ask us, in San Jose there’s nowhere better to train than CrossFit Almaden. One of the underrated bonuses of CrossFit is the sense of community that you get from having other people doing the same workout as you, and CrossFit Almaden’s community is as good as you can ask for. While the exercises look intimidating, they are universally scalable, and they have an intro class to introduce you to the basic movements.

San Jose Barbell : It can be tough to reach your fitness goals; between hectic schedules, social obligations and confusion about the best way to achieve the fitness you want, it can feel a little hopeless. That’s where a place like San Jose Barbell comes in. Since 2013 they’ve been dedicated to helping people become the best version of themselves. By providing a welcoming, encouraging atmosphere, and taking the confusion out of how to achieve results, San Jose Barbell has the recipe to be one of the best places around. Classes can be tailored to all fitness levels and you’ll feel like one of the community.

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